Alessi Μπολ διακοσμητικό λευκό 29x10,8εκ σειρά Mediterraneo

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Alessi Μπολ διακοσμητικό λευκό 29x10,8εκ σειρά Mediterraneo

Once upon a time, coral could be found all over the Mediterranean and it was exported across the world in exchange for spices and perfumes. Designer Emma Silvestris has skilfully explored the imagery of the sea world to create this basket, which embodies the essential forms and levity of the organisms that populate the ocean. Designed in 2004, this basket paved the way for the Mediterraneo series.


Emma Silvestris Emma Silvestris, born in Salerno in 1962, currently lives and works in Bari. Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts, specialising in foreign literature and history of art, she subsequently worked as a teacher and researcher. Since 1990 she has been working in the field of design, taking part in the activities of the Special Studio in Bari. An eclectic and versatile designer, her projects combine soft, feminine lines, the precision and elegance of geometry and the use of ancient symbols.

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